Coronavirus aid for private entrepreneurs and small businesses

The coronavirus crisis has caused a marked slowdown in the global economy. For this reason, the German federal government and the federal states support private entrepreneurs and small businesses through subsidies and tax breaks.

In Berlin, starting Friday, March 27, applications for grants of up to €5,000, known as the “Berlin Grant”, can be submitted electronically. Soforthilfe-Paket. The financial assistance can be used for ongoing business expenses, such as rent, bookkeeping fees, etc. The grant is aimed at self-employed individuals and companies with up to five employees based in Berlin. To submit an application, you need to provide the following details:

– company data (name, street, postal code, legal form)

– the last five digits of the identity document (identity card or passport)

– tax number

– German bank account number.

You can submit the application yourself at the link below:

It is also possible for our office to submit such an application for you for a fee. Feel free to contact us.


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