We warn against scammers operating in the area of Żary and Lubsko province. lubuskie.

Scammers advertise on FB and impersonate our office.

By submitting fake account numbers: 81 1470 0002 2013 6819 8000 0003 EUROS.

and 38 1470 0002 2013 6819 8000 0001 PLN. Scammers claim to be our regional employees giving phone numbers: 661 883 092 and 785 394 549 they advertise on FB as “Martyna Buszek” one of the scammers introduces herself as “Monika Kirkiewicz” they also provide an email address:

Please be advised that money paid into the above accounts will not be recognized as payments for our services our official account numbers and phone numbers can be found on our official websites.

Cheated persons are asked to report to the nearest police units.


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