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As part of the services offered, we will take care of tax refunds for you. If you have worked in Germany and have family in Poland, you are entitled to a tax refund. We will fill out all the forms that are necessary when claiming a tax refund.

O zwrot nadpłaconego podatku z Niemiec może wystąpić każdy, kto pracował w Niemczech i miał odprowadzony podatek od wynagrodzenia, tak zwany Lohnsteuer. We can make a settlement with the Tax Office up to 4 years back, i.e. this year i.e. 2022 mamy prawo rozliczyć 2018 r.

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As a taxpayer, as a general rule, we are not required to settle unless we meet at least one of the following criteria:

– the taxpayer has been assigned a third or fifth tax class – Steuerklasse 3 or 5

– the taxpayer has a registered business in Germany ( Gewerbe)

– Pensioners, pensioners if they exceed the tax-free amount

– jeśli pobierane przez podatnika w Niemczech świadczenia przekroczą wolną kwotę od podatku

– if the Finanzamt requests a settlement


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